Google Digital Unlocked Final Exam Answer - Latest 2020

Question 1

What’s the biggest challenge for most businesses when going online?

                A Planning a budget
                B Developing a plan
                C Optimising a website
                D Defining a customer base

Question 2

When looking to advertise a new business online, what is one of the major benefits of display ads?

                A They are seen by everyone
                B They have higher click-through rate
                C They can come in many different formats
                D They don’t cost too much to set up

Question 3

When considering whether to have a web presence for your business, which of the following is not a major factor?

                A Technology
                B Cost
                C Scope
                D How long you’ve been in business

Question 4

Which are the first steps you should consider when constructing an online business strategy?

                A Understand the target audience
                B Change your mission statement to match the goals
                C Create goals and identify a USP
                D Define and segment your audiences

Question 5

You notice that when people see images of your products online, you have an increase in conversions or sales. Which customer touchpoint could you use to take advantage of this insight?

                A Shopping bags
                B Blog content
                C YouTube
                D Social media

Question 6

What is the term we use to describe how search engines categorise each piece of content?

                A Listing
                B Crawling
                C Indexing
                D Ranking

Question 7

What’s the first step in the search engine optimisation process for your website?

                A Off-site optimisation
                B Keyword research
                C Writing fresh content
                D Setting an ad budget

Question 8

When looking to increase the presence of a website, putting together your search engine optimisation plan will help you plan your steps. Which activity would be first on the list?

                A Choosing what images to put on your website
                B Reserving all the social profiles that you will be using for the business
                C Finding people who will link back to your website
                D Keyword Research

Question 9

There are many ways you can improve the performance of a website from an SEO perspective. When it comes to link building which of the following statements is accurate?

                A The quantity of links is important, not the quality
                B The quality of links is important, not the quantity
                C Links hidden within the code on sites improve your SEO performance
                D Links hidden within images on sites improve your SEO performance

Question 10

When optimising a website for search, what impact do meta and title tags have on the search engine?

                A They are hidden messages that have no bearing on search engines
                B They are the on-page content that appears on your homepage, telling search engines what you do
                C They are automatically generated and help websites rank within search engines
    D They are embedded messages that help the search engine determine what’s on the page

Question 11

When advertising on search engines, if you bid the same as your competitor, having a higher quality score will mean you appear where in comparison?

A Alongside them
B Below them
C On the next page after them
D Above them

Question 12

When advertising using Search Engine Marketing (SEM), you only pay…

                A when your ad appears within the search results
                B when a conversion happens on your website
                C when your ad is clicked by someone
                D when someone stays on your website for more than 2 minutes

Question 13

When fine-tuning paid search ads, you change a broad-match keyword to a phrase-match keyword using which symbol?

                A Quotation marks
                B Apostrophes
                C Italics
                D Square brackets

Question 14

When running a search engine marketing campaign, what goal do you expect to achieve by having conversion tracking on your site?

                A To see personal data about the person who bought from you
                B To understand what is working and what is not
                C To increase your budget to get more traffic
                D To advertise internationally more easily

Question 15

Local directories are a great tool for getting noticed locally online. What would be the first step in using a directory?

                A Research competitors
                B Create a listing
                C Create an ad
                D Post a link

Question 16

When looking to promote your products and services locally, what are the benefits of using search engine ads?

                A Everyone uses search engines
                B You can target ads to a specific geographic area
                C You can target ads to specific genders
                D Search ads are cheaper than display adverts

Question 17

Why is social media a great tool for your business to build trust and engagement with your audience?

                A You can share offers and discounts exclusively to your following
                B You can share blogs from other businesses to cover more than what you do
                C You can share honest reviews about your product or service
                D You can connect with customers at any time of the day

Question 18

What type of tool can be used to monitor and evaluate your social media audience’s actions on your website?

                A Content scheduling tools
                B Audience profiling tools
                C Social media analytic tools
                D Website analytic tools

Question 19

Mobile apps are a great tool to engage with customers on the go. What is one of the major benefits of a mobile app over a website?

                A Apps allow you to send push notifications
                B Apps are easy to access on the app store
                C Apps generally work on more mobile devices
                D Apps allow you to collate more data on your customers

Question 20

Mobile advertising is a great tool for marketers, but all that good work could be undone if your website isn’t what?

                A Optimised for different devices
                B Visually engaging
                C Full of relevant information
                D Text heavy

Question 21

Which of the following tools could be used to gain an insight into the phrases and questions people search for about a given subject online?

                A Answer The Public
                B Google Ads Editor
                C Facebook business manager
                D SEM Rush
                Reach more customers with advertising

Question 22

When it comes to email marketing, what do we mean by the term A/B testing?

                A A/B testing means you can split your contacts alphabetically
                B A/B testing means you send the same email twice to the same people
                C A/B testing means splitting your audience and sending each of them a different variation of your email
                D A/B testing means it is spell checked and proofed, prior to hitting send

Question 23

When planning your display advertising, what does the word ‘placement’ mean?

                A The exact location of your ad on a particular page of a website
                B The size and position of your ad
                C The exact location of your ad on search engine results pages
                D The position of text within your ad

Question 24

When advertisers run online ads that typically include an image for people to click on, it’s called…

                A Search Engine Optimisation
                B Banner advertising
                C Display advertising
                D Webpage advertising

Question 25

When discussing display advertising, what is an ad network?

                A A way to get free traffic to your site
                B A directory of lots of websites that sell the same products as you do
                C An online store of images you can use within your content
                D A platform allowing the advertiser to advertise on websites within the network

Question 26

Which of the following is a key strategy for distributing your video content?

                A Share videos across all of your digital marketing tools
                B Pick one primary place to share your video content
                C Trust word-of-mouth to drive traffic to your videos
                D Send out a postcard to relevant mailing lists

Question 27

What can you do to help your videos appear in search results?

                A Make the content really interesting
                B Give detailed descriptions of its content
                C Clearly brand your videos
                D Include calls to action within the videos

Question 28

In the world of analytics, tracking the type of device the user accessed your site by is considered which type of data?

                A Conversion
                B Dimension
                C Access
                D Metric

Question 29

When using analytics programmes on your website, which of these do not fall under the category of a metric?

                A Browser users use to access your site
                B Unique visitors to your site
                C Time users spend on your site
                D Number of pages viewed per visit

Question 30

When it comes to web analytics, what insights can you gather using analytics tools?

                A What websites users visit after leaving your website
                B How you currently rank in search engines
                C How people interact with your website
                D How people interact with your competitors’ websites

Question 31

What do website analytics allow you to do?

                A Set up advertising accounts to drive continuous improvement
                B Understand users behaviour and improve the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts
                C Interact with customers on your website to increase conversion
                D Predict your users next move based on previous data

Question 32

When creating a presentation based on lots of data, what principle should you bear in mind?

                A Show all the information available, to give your audience as much context as possible
                B Tailor your approach to your audience in order to tell a better story
    C Stick to visual graphics only, as everyone will prefer this presentation format over tables and text
                D Present all information in the same way because everyone interprets things similarly

Question 33

What is the benefit of using digital data?

                A It can help you make informed decisions and improve online performance
                B Digital data is always 100% accurate
                C Digital data allows you to save money on offline analytics
                D Using digital data allows you to automatically reach more customers
                Sell products or services online

Question 34

Which of these is not a benefit for businesses using fully integrated e-commerce platforms?

                A Stock control
                B Integrated invoicing
                C The ability to track shipping
                D Automated complaints process system

Question 35

When building your online product store, to make it as effective as possible you should look to optimise the performance by using images in what kind of way?

                A Use images direct from the internet to ensure accurate file size
                B Use images direct from the original manufacturer
                C Ensure images are of a high quality
                D Use detailed descriptions instead of images to help search engines

Question 36

Analytics can help optimise your website for which of the following?

                A For different devices, navigation & search
                B For different devices & social media profiles
                C For email templates & social media profiles
                D For navigation, search & video campaigns

Question 37

When trying to increase the product sales on your website, one way to achieve this is to_________?

                A send multiple follow up emails once a purchase has been made
                B show them remarketing ads with a variety of products
                C provide the customer with relevant suggested purchases
                D include a pop up on your website that they have to action before continuing
                Take a business global

Question 38

Fill in the blank: When considering expanding a business internationally, the best place to start is to__________?

                A use online tools to help you understand where there’s a strong demand for your products
                B move the whole business to that country
                C replicate your current business in as many countries as possible
                D buy new domains for the country

Question 39

If you are looking to expand your company’s presence online internationally, which of the following should you consider with regards to your online content?

                A Translated by an automated tool only
                B Translated but also locally adapted for the audience
                C Translated into the native language
                D Left the same, and not translated

Question 40

When looking to expand your business internationally on social media, what should you do first?

                A Treat all social media channels the same
                B Use popular phrases and memes for that area
                C Analyse platforms popular in that area
                D Not advertise at all, as other countries don’t like social advertising

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